You are currently viewing 77,000 ceiling fans recalled due to major safety issue

“Ceiling fans should cool a room and its occupants, not damage the room and be a danger to its occupants. That’s why Hong Kong China Electric Appliance Manufacture Company recalled about 77,900 ceiling fans sold under the Harbor Breeze Bellisle Bay and Honeywell Rio brands.

The problem, as stated in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice: “The blades can detach from the fan while in use, posing an impact injury hazard to consumers.”

And, a hazard to drywall. Among the 60 reports of blades detaching are three that damaged drywall. No people have been injured so far.”

See which fans are being recalled.

Yikes! Having fan blades flying across the room at high speeds sounds downright frightening. Thankfully no injuries occurred yet and only a few instances of damaged walls. Still, that is quite the number of fans that need fixing on some notable models including Harbor Breeze and Honeywell.

Ceiling fan installation or replacement is a job that should be left to professionals. Aside from proper wiring, mounting needs to be tightly secured to prevent any risk of injury. If you’re shopping for a new fan contact MJ Electric at 612-598-0793 and one of our technicians will install it in no time!