Ceiling Fan Installation Minneapolis, MN

When you know you need a ceiling fan in your Minneapolis, MN home or if you need a ceiling fan repair because your current ceiling fan makes weird noises on every setting, the electricians at MJ Electric have seen everything when it comes to ceiling fans. Our ceiling fan experts will have your ceiling fan installed or repaired so you can get back to enjoying the energy efficient comfort your ceiling fan provides in your Minneapolis, MN home. We are experienced at installing a variety of ceiling fan types, from high tech ceiling fans with remote controls to ceiling fans with lights and without.

Did you know that ceiling fans don’t come in all shapes and sizes for aesthetic reasons only – there is a functional purpose to different fan sizes? The square footage of a room suggests what size ceiling fan should be installed, and two things should be looked at when deciding upon a ceiling fan installation: blade span and CFM (cubic feet per minute). Blade span is the diameter of the fan, tip to tip. CFM is the measurement of airflow circulated throughout the room.

Recommended fan-to-room ratios are as follows:

Ceiling Fan Guide

Having the correct size ceiling fan will bring a noticeable benefit to any room that requires air circulation. If you need assistance with your ceiling fan installation, MJ Electric in Minneapolis, MN has an expert staff of certified electricians that can estimate what kind of fans your home needs, and install them properly. Call or text MJ Electric at (612) 598-0793 today.