Service Upgrades Minneapolis, MN

A service upgrade or “change out” is usually required when your Minneapolis, MN home has a problem with the existing electrical service panel. At MJ Electric, our expertise ensures that we always perform top quality upgrades, modifications, repairs and maintenance on circuit breakers and electrical panels of all ages and brands. If you have encountered flickering lights, blown fuses, tripped breakers, unexplained power outages or switches and outlets that do not work in your home, contact your Minneapolis, MN electrician at MJ Electric today to learn more about our service panel upgrades and electrical repair services.

Wondering if your home needs a service panel upgrade? Well, you’re not alone. Most homeowners aren’t sure what a panel upgrade is, much less if their home needs one. With today’s technology that is in almost everyone’s home the electrical strain on your panel can cause it to fail… When your home was built the electrical system was not designed for this amount of increase of usage. This is why panel upgrades are recommended. Likewise if you are planning to increase your square footage by having an addition built on you should also have a panel upgrade.

Making sure that your electrical panel is up to par you can call MJ Electric and request an electrical safety inspection. Our Minneapolis, MN contractors are skilled experts who can upgrade your homes current panel to a panel that meets your home’s growing needs. Call today for a consultation on your next service panel upgrade.