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“It might be a weird question you never thought of, but there’s an answer. Google “What direction should a ceiling fan rotate?” and you’ll see articles from Home Depot, Consumer Reports and Southern Living.

According to “experts,” ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise in the summer to blow air downward, making a room 4 degrees cooler and saving you air conditioning costs. In the winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise to send air upward, breaking up the warm air collecting near ceilings.”

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It’s something that many people don’t even think about. Considering that the rotation button is typically attached to the base of a ceiling fan, it’s sort of out of sight out of mind. However, adjusting the rotation to suit the overall temperature of the room can save you money on your energy bill. Now that summer is approaching, naturally, air should be pushed down so you can feel the cool breeze.

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