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“Did you know that ceiling fans have a switch that changes the direction of the blades? And by changing the direction, you can either help cool or heat the room? TikToker Anthony Bertoncin didn’t. “Today, I finally realized that my ceiling fan has been making my room a sauna for six years,” he shared in a TikTok video:

In short: Use counter clockwise for summertime and clockwise for winter. I just ran upstairs to check my ceiling fan and it was in the wrong position. No wonder that room is always so hot!”

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Now that we’re into the summer months, the last thing you want is to unintentionally keep that warm air down. Many people neglect to use that hidden toggle button on their ceiling fans to adjust the ambient temperature. Owners of newer ceiling fan models may have an included remote that makes changing directions a cinch. Even if you need to grab a ladder, changing the fan direction is a simple process that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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