You are currently viewing Minneapolis electrician victim of absurd crime and enforcement

“Jerry Yang has been an electrician in Minneapolis for over 12 years. Recently, his trailer, which contained $20,000 worth of work tools, was stolen. Yang knows where the thieves took his trailer, thanks to a tracking device he installed. Yet, when he went to the police for help, he was told they couldn’t do anything. Why? Because the thieves reside in the city’s “Near North” homeless encampment.

“Near North” is located on city property and has been active for over two years. It is considered a hazardous and high-crime area and has been served multiple eviction notices by the city. Yet the city never enforces them. As a result, the residents of “Near North” dictate what will and will not be accepted by law enforcement. Meanwhile, people like Jerry Yang suffer.””

Read more about the incident here.

It’s completely ludicrous that Minneapolis police refuse to enter the area when an obvious crime has been committed. An electrician’s tools are their livelihood and such a loss at these times could force them to close up business. If criminals are allowed to do as they please then innocent individuals and businesses will suffer greatly.

Fortunately, this story does have a silver lining. A Gofundme campaign was created to help Mr. Yang and his family and the goal has already been met. At MJ Electric, we know how important the safety of your family is and our electrical services are done by the book and code. Call us at 612-598-0793 to schedule service for your home or business.