You are currently viewing Some one has been removing electrical wiring from light poles in St. Paul

“For the past month, throughout St. Paul, thieves have been targeting light poles. So far, upwards of 8,000 feet of wire has been stolen.

“This problem isn’t unique to St. Paul this happens in cities all across the country, especially when the price of copper goes up,” said Heibert. “People get desperate and try to find the material wherever they can.”

Light poles in some neighborhoods have gone dark and according to Heibert, the repairs are costly.”

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This is not only wrong but dangerous. If the thief were to get shocked that would be a hard lesson to learn. It just goes to show how desperate a person can be, as very little profit can be made by doing this. At MJ Electric, our commercial technicians perform electrical repair work in situations like these. If your business needs service done please don’t hesitate to contact us at 612-598-0793 or visit our website.