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““Even in wintertime, in a room that has a fire going, a fan on low can keep the heat circulating,” said Michael Cox, the principal of the New York interior design firm Foley & Cox, who has installed them in homes from Canada to the Caribbean. “It keeps the overall temperature of the space a little more regulated.”

Unfortunately, they aren’t always aesthetically appealing — especially in recent years, as the market seems to have been flooded with clunky models.

“I compare fan design to lighting design: There’s generally a lot more bad than good,” Mr. Cox said. “It’s a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack search. But there are certainly a lot of great options out there.””

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So what advice does the article give as far as choosing the right fan? For starters they suggest that you determine whether you need a light integrated in the fan. If the fan is to be placed in a dining room area than that would most likely mean yes. Another thing to consider is how it will be controlled. Do you want a wall switch or would a remote be more efficient for your usage needs?

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