You are currently viewing Avoid electrical hazards in your commercial building with these tips

1. Keep an eye on damaged outlets.

Wall outlets, otherwise known as receptacles, are also susceptible to normal wear and tear, especially if a commercial space utilizes several electrical appliances to operate. Your receptacles have neutral, hot, and ground connections.

2. Replace frayed cords from commercial appliances.

Worn or frayed cords are also fire-starters. When a cable is frayed, the protective layer exposes the stripped wires which hold the electrical current.”

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As a building owner, your first priority should be to keep your occupants safe. Whether they are tenants, employees, or customers – safety is vital. If your building hasn’t had any electrical service in quite some time, it might be in need of an upgrade. Although the upfront cost might put you off, the long-term benefit of more efficient energy usage and safety is well worth it.

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