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“Roughly 40 million homes in America have 100 amp electrical service. That was considered quite something during the Carter administration, but it is barely adequate for the demands of an all-electric home today, particularly as we gravitate toward new technologies that allow electric vehicles to interface with the utility grid. While many families might wish to be part of the clean energy revolution, they first will need to upgrade their electrical service.

Such upgrades are not the type of weekend project homeowners can do themselves. They require the services of a professional electrician. It’s more than slipping out your old circuit breaker panel and sliding in a new one. The entry cable that connects your electrical meter to the nearest utility pole will need to be upgraded first. That requires coordination between you, your utility company, and your local building inspection department.”

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A service upgrade requires a qualified electrician to perform the task and is definitely not a DIY project. Building codes must be adhered to. In most instances a permit may be necessary followed by an inspection. While some crafty homeowners may think saving some money is a good idea, the consequences can be severe. An electrical panel fire being one such possible consequence.

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