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“The goal: Find the best ceiling fan. Veterans of the field guided us away from propellers with small motors that only circulate properly when set on high and toward more efficient models that pass the government’s recently updated energy standards.

The verdict: Monte Carlo’s Maverick is the Prius of ceiling fans. Powered with an energy-saving DC motor (as opposed to the older AC motors), it alternates among six speeds, uses a meager 27 watts of energy (compare that to your typical 60-watt light bulb), and will run you $5 in energy costs a year. So little that Energy Star rated it one of the most efficient fans of 2018. Unlike a Prius, its modern, elegant design stands out within its category with blades hand-carved of hearty balsa wood. And because the Maverick is streamlined into just two parts, it’s incredibly easy to clean. We were told this trick: Take an old pillowcase, slide it over the blade, and watch the dust disappear.”

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