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“There’s such a wide choice of landscape lighting available today, you can have pretty much whatever you want. As we said at the start, power comes either from a 12-volt system you plug into a standard outlet, or you can go with solar models. The latter, of course, gives you the freedom to put lighting pretty much wherever you want. However, as convenient as solar lighting is, it’s still subject to the whims of the weather. A few cloudy days, and performance will drop considerably. Shady areas can also limit placement. Modern 12-volt lighting is easy to wire, and gives you great reliability. You can conceal and protect the cables in low-profile trunking or PVC pipes. If you like, you can bury them in the lawn or alongside paths.

Note: If you do use 12-volt lights, make sure they are plugged into an outlet with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). It will prevent fire or shocks in the event of an electrical short.”

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When considering your options for landscape lighting, planning is crucial. Design and layout are important, but so is the right amount of brightness for specific areas. This is why having a professional to assist with not just design but installation is a great way to see your vision to fruition. It’s easy to overlook things and having a professional’s opinion will make all the difference.

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