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“Lately, we have seen the launch of anti-bacterial plywoods, mattresses, bulbs, fabrics, wall paints, etc. The latest addition to this list is an anti-bacteria ceiling fan…

Electrical and telecommunication cables company Finolex Cables has introduced anti-bacteria fans in its portfolio. These fans are coated with a paint containing low toxicity biocides for complete protection against microbiological growth. They repel microbes or killing them when they come in close proximity to the surface. These fans are in addition to the anti-dust fans that the brand had launched earlier.

Finolex entered the fan segment two summers back and, since then, has introduced a range of ceiling, table, wall, industrial heavy-duty exhaust, and multi-purpose fans. The range includes ‘premium’, ‘decorative’ and ‘smart’ fans that, as per the brand, are known for their reliability, impressive air delivery, along with innovative designs like wide tip blades, dust-free features and more.”

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Since COVID hit last spring there’s been a rush to equip products with every and anything that eliminates bacteria. Now we have a fan that kills microbes when in proximity. Of course, tests will need to be done to see the efficiency of this feature. It remains to be seen just how much it will cost to purchase too.

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