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“As the world works to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states, and cities are urging us to stay home whenever possible to avoid transmission of the disease. That’s leading to many changes in our lives, including how much time we spend in our homes and in our energy use.

If you are sheltering in place, your computer, lights, and heating and cooling equipment are no doubt in use for longer periods of time than usual. You may be spending time on your devices more than usual in order to work remotely or to seek out employment opportunities and the latest news. Or you might be using online platforms to educate and entertain children; to check in with loved ones; or even connect with health care professionals.

U.S. households are dealing with significant concerns right now, including health, financial, and our emotional wellbeing during this unprecedented health and economic crisis. Skyrocketing utility bills from new energy demands in our homes don’t have to be among them.”

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When working from home, if possible, use a laptop instead of a desktop as the energy needed for the screen may use less than 4 times that of a monitor. You should also check your sleep and hibernation settings to ensure that energy is not wasted while you’re away. Also, as the temperatures rise, be mindful of your thermostat settings for your air conditioning. Set it to a level where it is comfortable but not unnecessarily cold.

If you’re finding that your breakers are tripping after practicing good energy usage, you may need a service upgrade. At MJ Electric, our service upgrade can help resolve issues such as this as well as flickering lights, blown fuses, and unexplained power outages. Call us at 612-598-0793 to schedule an appointment for your electrical service needs today!