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Main Breaker Panel
The main breaker panel controls the electricity that reaches the different rooms of your house. It can be used to cut the power to your house including the circuit breaker. They are classified based on the number of circuits they can handle and their amperage.

Fuse Boxes
These are designed to prevent circuit overload. Fuse boxes consist of small fuses that can fit into an electrical panel. The fuse will short out when there is an excess flow of current.

Sub Panel
These are perfect for homes where you require multiple circuits in the same area. The sub-panels get their power from the main panel through a circuit. They don’t have dedicated disconnects and they allow you to adjust the current distribution throughout the house.”

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There are couple of other types of electrical panels besides the ones listed above too. One such example is called a main lug panel. These panels do not have a main breaker and instead wires run into a lug which requires a seperate disconnect. There are also panels called transfer switches which are used in conjunction with backup generators.

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