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“Logan High School will have to undergo significant upgrades to its electrical system to bring the building up to code, according to the architects hired to replace the school’s HVAC and fire alarm systems.

Jason Shantie, principle, contract administrator and project manager with Williamson Shriver, said that when the firm’s design team reviewed the building, they found the school’s main distribution panel is “pretty much on its last legs” and will need replaced. He said replacement parts for the building’s electrical subpanels cannot be found and as such, will need completely replaced instead.

Additionally, Shantie said the building will need to undergo a complete electrical rewiring to bring it up to code.

Typically, when we touch something, we have to bring it up to code,” Shantie said. “So, what that entails is that Logan High School is going to have to be completely rewired, all of the subpanels are going to have to be completely replaced, and all the main distribution panels are going to have to be replaced. In order to do that, that’s jacked our cost up.”

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What started off as a project to replace an outdated HVAC system has turned into a nightmare for these school building officials. It’s not uncommon to uncover other code-related issues when commercial building work is performed. However, due to the severity of how degraded state of the electrical system it appears no maintenance or review was done for quite some time.

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