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“Designers and lighting companies have been busy coming up with new ways to hold a light bulb and project light, and winter is a great time to explore their latest solutions.

Some are inspired by the skies overhead. Others by style eras, from Deco to disco. Still others are working with interesting materials around which to build a lamp.

A look at what’s new:

Pomp is a Philadelphia furniture and lighting designer who’s also a glassblower and surfer. His collections of glass pendants, chandeliers, sconces and lamps look like blown bubbles, chunks of ice, swelling waves. The Tidal fixture perches sculpted amoeba-like glass pieces on hand-forged brass stems to create an organic canopy.

Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson sees a rise in interest in “statement lighting” — sculptural pendants, standout sconces, snazzy shades with lots of wow factor. She cites more searches for ’70s-era lamps, decorative lighting, vintage fixtures and colorful pieces.”

Read more about these designs here.

There is certainly no shortage of innovative lighting design ideas these days. With many options available both homeowners and businesses can get creative and tailor lighting to their tastes. For residents, the most frequently requested rooms for a makeover are kitchens and living spaces. To make those dreams come true an expert designer and installer is a must!

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