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Installing a ceiling fan too close to furniture

placing a ceiling fan in close proximity to furniture can influence the turbulence of the airflow. This means that certain furniture may be blocking the air from moving in a more pleasant pattern. So, in case you don’t like the airflow in your room, consider moving the furniture around.

Selecting the wrong fan size

Essential not only in terms of performance (air delivery) but also in terms of how apt it looks when placed in a room, a ceiling fan needs to be the right size, according to DelMar Fans & Lighting. Typically, a fan would be measured by its sweep size (also known as blade span). It is the diameter of the circle formed when the fan is on and working. Your room, therefore, should include a fan with the right sweep size.”

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One of the biggest issues that happen with ceiling fans is when they’re neglected for maintenance and cleaning. Dust will accumulate on the fan blades and might damage the motor if builds up too much. Dusting once a week or close to it will help to keep the motor operating smoothly for many years.

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