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“The Newport News Fire Marshal’s Office is warning parents about a viral teen challenge involving a coin, phone charger and an electrical outlet.

In a video posted on the Newport News Fire Department’s Facebook page, Lt. Dwayne Adams of the fire marshal’s office, spoke about the dangers of the teen challenge which are recorded and posted on video apps such as Tik Tok.

The challenge is to use the coin and the phone charger to spark an electrical outlet, which can cause a fire.

“This is a very dangerous practice that can result in serious injury and/or property damage,” Adams said.”

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It seems like a weekly occurrence these days that there isn’t some mind-numbingly dumb challenge posted on social media. No matter how ridiculous they are, kids will do anything to compete for attention and this sparking challenge is no different. Playing with electricity can have severe consequences. Not just for personal safety but also the destruction of property as well.

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