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““The game will distinguish itself through its refinement and attention to detail. We place great emphasis on the lighting, making sure that it always looks realistic. The gameplay is directly based on the real work performed by electricians, but we are also introducing some simplifications, as great and relaxing fun is our top priority. We are sure that Electrician Simulator will appeal to both electricity specialists and players not very well acquainted with the topic” – said Dorian Loewe, COO at Take IT Studio!

Multiple game modes are being promised and these should see you needing to utilise a wide range of skills, all as you enjoy diverse assignments and an array of workshop expansion possibilities. As an electrician, you will have access to various helpful tools, such as a set of screwdrivers, a wire stripper, a voltage tester and a cable detector.”

Read more about the game here.

It seems like there is a simulator for everything these days. Having watched a few videos of this particular game in action, we have to say it’s somewhat impressive. Could this actually be used as a learning tool for electricians? The developer seems to think so. Still, there is a lot of training involved in becoming a professional electrician and nothing beats hands-on experience.

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