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Q: What kinds of projects do you recommend for DIY?

Plenty of homeowners are taking on DIY projects for themselves to both save money and just for the enjoyment of completing tasks on their own. For safety reasons it can be hard to determine what electrical projects are best to complete yourself and which ones require an electrician. If you have any doubts it is best to contact a licensed electrician, better safe than sorry!

Some things are best left to an electrician:

Obviously there are plenty of projects that even a knowledgeable homeowner should call an electrician for. If you do not feel absolutely comfortable with your task it’s better to call a professional. We strongly advise against any DIY projects that involve the following:

  • Anything with the Main Electrical Panel
  • Any outlet or appliance that is sparking
  • Anything affecting the main service feed to your home
  • Wires or cables that are spliced, damaged or look burned
  • Any projects that require bonding or grounding to other systems”

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Times are tough these days and everyone is looking to save money anyway possible. However, the dangers of working with electricity can not be understated. No matter how small the job is, one small mis-step could result in serious injury or even death. The bottom line is, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you need electrical work done for your home contact MJ Electric at 612-598-0793. We offer simple services such as outlet and ceiling fan installations to more complex tasks like upgrading your service.