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“Keep in mind these tips from the Better Business Bureau when searching for a trustworthy electrician:

  • Get specific about project details. In order to get accurate estimates, you’ll need to have the details of your project. Specify how many outlets, lights, dimmers, and so on you need, what kind of hardware you want and where each item should be installed. This is especially important if you choose to get bids from several different contractors.
  • Learn more about the materials. Good electrical contractors use first-class, contractor-grade materials, regardless of budget. Be sure to ask electricians what kind of materials they use before they start installing them in your home.
  • Know that permits are essential. Electricians should never agree to a job without first obtaining the proper permits. Permits are good protection for the homeowner as they prove through inspection the work was completed correctly and safely. If, during the project, any wiring is found that is not up to code, inspectors will require it to be fixed or replaced. This could affect the final price of your project.”

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Of course, one of the most helpful resources when searching for a reputable electrician is to read client reviews. If a business has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on Google for instance, you’ll likely have a good experience using their service. Also, look for companies that respond to negative reviews to try and find out why that person is unhappy. Unfortunately, there are some reviews from others which are negative but were likely created by a competitor.

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