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“Dear Ken: We have a home with older wiring. I have noticed that light bulbs burn out too often. Is there a problem with the wiring? Is there a test we can do? — Bill

Answer: The utility company should come take a look to make sure they are delivering power at the correct voltage (around 117 volts, give or take) and that their connections to and from the meter are adequate to carry your home’s load. Since you indicated that this is an everywhere problem at your house, we probably can eliminate individual circuit troubles, such as bad switches or connections.

You say you have ”older wiring,” so an electrician should check all the connections in the switch boxes and inside light fixtures. Of course, if you notice any buzzing, arcing, strange noises or smells around any electrical box, turn off that circuit and get it repaired ASAP.”

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When it comes to homes with outdated wiring, there are some serious safety concerns. Most importantly is the potential for an electrical hazard or fire. This might be due to a combination of the wiring itself or how it was installed. Unfortunately, some electricians like to take shortcuts or skimp on costs which put you and your home at risk.

At MJ Electric, our installation and repair services are always done by the book and up to code. If you’re experiencing flickering lights or arcing and weird smells coming from your outlets or panel, call us at 612-598-0793. Learn more by also visiting our home rewiring page.