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“The first tier: High-level lighting. High-level lighting is up-lighting trees or installing a weatherproof chandelier. If your deck has an overhanging roof, recessed lights are also a great option. Overhanging roofs are perfect for outdoor ceiling fans which not only provide light, but also cool the space and help clear it of flying bugs.

Next, light the mid-range. Mid-range lights would include sconces and tabletop lanterns. Lanterns are a cheap and easy way to add light to your outdoor space. They can be battery-operated or solar and are so portable they can go anywhere on the deck.

Finally, light the lower levels. Low-level lighting includes pathway lights, stair lighting and under surface lights. Pathway lighting usually requires fewer lights than one might think – it doesn’t have to feel like a runway to help you safely negotiate the path.”

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Now that warmer weather is approaching, people will be spending more of their time in the back yard. What better way to enjoy the nighttime outside of your home than with some beautiful outdoor lighting. As you just read, there many options to choose from when it comes to lighting. Having a qualified lightning contractor will help make your vision become reality.

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