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Reasons to upgrade your electric service
Common reasons to upgrade service include having an older home with low amperage, remodeling and adding on, or installing a high-power amenity or machine, such as a kiln or hot tub.

Sometimes homeowners choose to upgrade service while doing another project, such as burying an overhead power line. Such work usually requires that you hire a separate service provider to dig the trench.

Do not DIY electrical work
Electrical repairs are not suitable DIY work. Take time to find an experienced, licensed electrician who can pull the proper permits and work with your local electric company. It’s not just an issue of safety; homeowners usually will not be able to go through the correct channels to get their power transferred.

When hiring an electrician, consider pros who have positive consumer reviews on a trusted consumer site and can provide proof of licensing, insurance and bonding.”

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If your lights regularly flicker and you find that breakers trip more often than they should then a service upgrade might be necessary. Times have changed greatly over the last few decades and we rely on electronic devices and appliances more than ever. Older homes are likely unequipped to handle the demands of all these devices and therefore need more power coming from the electric panel.

At MJ Electric our service upgrades are always performed by code and the best safety practices. If you’re looking to upgrade your electric panel call us at 612-598-0793 or visit our service upgrade page for more information.